The IWTN Action Plan 2020-2023
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Following extensive consultation with the members of the IWTN, the IWTN Action Plan 2020-23 was launched at the IWTN AGM held at Collins Barracks, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin on 14th Feb 2020. 

The 2020-2023 Action Plan is the fourth to have been compiled by the IWTN. Action Plans support the network’s structure in the effective running of the organisation. They allow us to identify the key issues that threaten the vitality of historic towns and provide a framework through which the IWTN can help its member towns protect and regenerate their historic spaces and places. The Action Plan format makes it possible to evaluate the IWTN’s impact on the management and promotion of walled settlements. It also permits the IWTN to influence wider agendas within Irish heritage, particularly in terms of conservation, interpretation and sustainable economic development.

The three objectives of the IWTN Action Plan 2020-23 are: 

1. Collaboration

2. Transparency

3. Adaption

This Action Plan 2020-23 follows on from the Heritage Council’s Strategic Plan 2018-22 and seeks to energetically work within its strategic objectives. The plan is designed to support the themes of the National Heritage Plan 2030 of national leadership and heritage; heritage partnerships; and communities and heritage. The plan supports the implementation of the National Development Plan 2018-27 which proposes investment in Ireland’s historic urban cores as one the means through which national development should be realised. Urban regeneration is also a central component of the IWTN’s Action Plan 2020-23. In the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Ireland 2016, ‘Action 199’ is dedicated to the IWTN, stating that it will, “Support the Irish Walled Towns Network to ensure that these heritage assets are appropriately managed and conserved as a tourism asset to their areas”.

Download a copy of the IWTN Action Plan 2020-23.