‘Regeneration & Creating Positive Spaces for our Towns’

The 2021 IWTN conference, taking place online on Thursday 7th October, will look at the processes behind and impact of heritage led regeneration in towns.

Street with tall buildings on either side, trees growing on footpath on left and parking along right side of road

Derry city streetscape

Heritage buildings, street plans and archaeological monuments all contribute to the unique character of our heritage rich towns. Viewed by some in the past to be obstacles to progress and development, they are now valued as sources of inspiration and worth that can be central in the regeneration of urban spaces and their promotion. The combination of community effort and expertise from heritage professionals, backed by local and national government support is already making a difference.

This conference will look at a number of case studies of heritage led regeneration in Ireland and internationally and how they can impact the town and its community.

To see the full programme and to register your place for this free conference see our Eventbrite page here.

The conference begins at 9.30 am and finishes at 3pm. Places are limited.